Polonaise APA

Polonaise APA

This is an easy drinking American pale ale. It has a dark golden color and pleasant citrus aroma. The flavor starts off with a caramel sweetness and finishes with tones of grapefruit which lingers after each sip.

The polonaise is a dance of Polish origin in 3/4 time. Its name is French for “Polish.”! The polonaise had a rhythm quite close to that of the Swedish semiquaver or sixteenth-note
polska, and the two dances have a common origin. Polonaise is a widespread dance in carnival parties. Polonaise is always a first dance at a studniówka (“hundred-days”), Polonaise is a Polish dance and is one of the five historic national dances of Poland.

NE MPLS is home to many polish decedents and historic “Nye’s Polonaise Room”.

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