The Barrel Room at 56 Brewing

Contact for rental information. Look forward to more events, concerts and activities coming up in the new space.

Upcoming Shows in The Barrel Room

Brew NE Poster Show

Art-A-Whirl Weekend | May 17-19

The Inaugural Brew NE Poster Show will include work from the following artists and designers

   Ivine Badran

Zach Beckman

Riley Carrol

Connor Cashman

Taylor Colt

Matt Erickson

Dan Ferro

Nate Killam

Ian Kolstad

Amanda Kowalewski

Kyle Loaney

Levi Lowell  

Steve Marinelli

Erica Mathern

Kate Mikutowski

Torey Needham

Andrew Nolan

Cody Paulson

Sean Quinn

Madolyn Sheley

Blake Spiegel

Daniel Wagner

Melanie Walby

Joe Wright