We’re proud to announce the launch of our new cans!

We are rolling out distribution of our 2 top selling brews, Nose Hair Bender IPA and Northeast Nectar Honey Wheat Ale.

The cans are available in six-packs at over 50 liquor stores around the Twin Cities metro.

Nose Hair Bender, the brewery’s American-style IPA, features a five-hop blend and offers a citrusy aroma and finish, while NE Nectar is a sweeter, light-bodied ale. NE Nectar is brewed in partnership with local-area beekeepers, sticking to the brewery’s commitment to supporting its local community.

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ABV: 5.0%     IBU: 23 SRM: 5

ABV: 6.8%     IBU: 65 SRM: 25

ABV: 4.4%     IBU: 35     SRM: 5

ABV: 5.6%     IBU: 31     SRM: 37

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