Hidden Figures Cold IPA(Cold IPA)

Hidden Figures Cold IPA | 56 Brewing

This Cold IPA is crisp, hoppy and light. The flavor and aroma has notes of citrus, tropical, herbal and woody. It is the perfect beer for the warm weather that is just around the corner. This beer was brewed by the women of 56, as well as women from a few other breweries around town, to celebrate International Women’s Day. This beer was brewed using the Pink Boots 2022 blend of hops from Yakima Chief Hops. $3 per pound of these hops goes towards supporting educational opportunities for women and non-binary individuals in the fermented and alcoholic beverage industry.


Minnesota Goodbyes

Minnesota Goodbyes | 56 Brewing

We Brewed an imperial stout for the long MN winter. Well, we’d better get going. Did we tell you we put vanilla in it? Oh yeah, like we said, we better go. But by the way…

Available:  On Tap  |  Crowlers

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Non-Alcoholic Kolsch

Our house kolsch without the alcohol!


Uncharted Territory Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Uncharted Territory Double Chocolate Stout | 56 Brewing

We got lost with our buds at Unmapped Brewing & found our way by brewing a trailblazing oatmeal stout. It’s loaded with chocolate & perfect for exploring the back 40 (or the back yard).


Eclipse Class Triple Dry-Hopped Triple IPA

Eclipse Class Triple IPA | 56 Brewing

It’s a dreadnaught of a beer.

It’s purpose is to assert massive flavor anywhere it travels in the galaxy.

At 8.5 lbs. per barrel, it has a super laser’s worth of hops.

With enough malt to fuel a whole wing or some massive ion engines, Eclipse Class still employs a wild-flower honey booster to keep cruising sweetly among the stars.


Hard Seltzer – Rotating Flavors

Our hard seltzer comes in a variety of flavors – all delish, all made just for you. Ask your beertender which flavor is on tap today!


Lake Hopper

Lake Hopper West Coast IPA | 56 Brewing

A hoppy and crisp lakeside crusher with Centennial, Eureka!, & El Dorado hops. This IPA is tropical and dank, and is light and easy drinking.


Hewing Kolsch

Hewing Hotel Kolsch | 56 Brewing

This Kolsch is light, bready and fruity. Hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon, this beer displays flavors of white grape and cantaloupe in a clean and crushable beer made for all seasons.

Made exclusively for the historic Hewing Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Find it on tap in the restaurant Tullibee, on the rooftop and in the mini fridges. Oh yeah and in our taproom.



Non-Alcoholic Beverages | 56 Brewing

Dean’s Kombucha -Rotating Flavors – On Tap

Tiny Footprint Nitro Cold Brew

Square Root of Beer – House made Root Beer

Fair State Brewing Cooperative Hop Water

Superior Craft Elixirs – Switchel & Ginger Beer

Northern Soda Company Craft Soda

Soda Pop & La Croix


Public Access IPA

Public Access IPA | 56 Brewing

Brewed in collaboration with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA) to raise awareness around clean water and access to the Mississippi River.

$1 from every 4pack sold is donated to the MCEA.

This IPA features El Dorado and Lotus hops. It is earthy and tropical with a light body and medium bitterness.