DARK TERRITORY: Dark Chocolate Coconut Stout

Dark territory is a term used in the North American railroad industry to describe a section of running track not controlled by signals or traffic control. Train movements in dark territory were previously handled by timetable and train order operation but now replaced with train dispatchers managing train movements directly.

The brew house is adjacent to BNSF & CP train and railroads that run throughout Minneapolis, hence the appropriateness of this craft beer brewed in our facility.

A rich and complex stout composed of smooth, sweet and dark tones without being overpowering. It has forefront aromas of chocolate, roasted dark malts. A slight scent of hop bitterness and coconut with resounding velvet, smooth and roasted flavor gives this an opulent finish on the palate. It is brewed with a blend of 6 different malts, flaked oats, milk sugar, toasted raw unsweetened coconut and cocoa nibs. The fermenter is loaded with additional coconut to balance the flavor profile.

Drink this with lower carbonation to enjoy the full bodied flavor.

Pairs well with: Roasted Beef, Blue Cheese

ABV: 5.6%   IBU: 31   SRM: 37


What is the mystery behind Dark Territory? The story is told as follows. Dane waited patiently by the Soo Line tracks in NE MNPLS on a frosty December day back in 1905. He paced back and forth, smoking a cigarette to keep warm. He could not remember the number of the train he was to meet here for the drop.

Would people find out where the coconuts were coming from? Could he get the supply to the factory unnoticed? Just then train #56 let out a loud whistle and out of the winter haze, rolled to a stop right in front of Dane. He knew he would have to make his move during Dark Territory, and needed to make sure the conductor knew when to “stop”. Dark Territory made for a perfect unloading of the goods, on to unmarked trailers from Chute’s farm.

As the train rolled by, Dane spots the large, round, brown nuggets of the prized coconuts peeking out the top of a rail car. Can he smell them as well? No, but it’s a nice thought. He glances around to make sure he is not seen, and then slips back into the night.

That was the beginning of the coconut plot in NE Minneapolis. Many locals believed the coconuts came from the depths of the Mississippi, and the Dark Territory smugglers liked to keep it that way. They sold them as indigenous fruits until later scientists from the University of Minnesota proved them false.

Dark Territory lives up to its name, in the mysterious complex nature of the stout, with delicate balance of dark chocolate bitterness and delicious toasted coconut. Smooth and Silky, this stout is likely to have Dark Territory stories told of its own.