Pintometer on the Winter Patio

The colder the air, the cheaper the beer. Launch Party Sunday January 1st, 2023.

The return of the winter patio is near! We're sure as heck going to have another winter of the Pintometer. The Pintometer is designed to provide you crazy Minnesotans with the optimal winter patio experience. The colder the air, the cheaper the beer. With a patio packed with heaters and fire pits, it's easy to cozy up and enjoy a pint. This year we're bringing novelty merch into the game with a full blown launch party! Stay tuned for details.

(Frosty Photo Above by The Bard Of Beer)

Temp. Determines Price

The price of a pint is determined by the temperature, according to MPR's Weather Forecast. Sadly, this doesn't include wind chills. Those are just bonus points around here. For instance, if it is 19 degrees outside, a pint on the patio is $4. If it's 3 degrees out, a pint on the patio is $2, and you're crazy.

Once again, this promotion only applies to beers that are enjoyed on 56 Brewing's patio. (With great price comes great responsibility.) If you prefer to order beer and enjoy it inside the nice, heated taproom, great- but regular prices will apply.

We will make the call of the temperature at the time of purchase. We recommend to not argue and to drink the beer!

The Pintometer is launching January 1, 2023!